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The Hand of God

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There are few who would deny the presence of a higher power. A God by many different names. Historically it must have been hard for him to get around… but now he has the web… !

As a child I tried to pull off deals with God  ‘ just sort such and such ….  and I promise ….. ‘. 

They mostly didn’t work . 

As I got older, I started to see  the answers to questions in unlikely places. When agriculture became unsustainable for us as a family and we had just commenced a very fledgling bakery , the question of ‘ what should we do? ‘ was answered by a serious childhood illness – and the ensuing need to jump off that fence, splinters in the ass or not.  The Foods of Athenry was born.  Named by the same child who was the catalyst for change.  God surely does work in mysterious ways.

Ever the believer, we continued to travel our road; making the best of the journey along the way -  In our quest to make ‘free-from’ fabulous , one day at a time. But were we doing a good enough job? Were we on the right track? Could we improve?  A bit of guidance would not go astray, God. ?  Please and thank you. 

Now, I close my eyes, smile  and  can imagine fingers moving with focused action. Prompted by…  ? 

What inspires and guides  you to take to twitter, facebook, instagram, email -   directing your hands to give a virtual embrace, a show of support and an encouraging voice.

The hand of God?

For the hundreds of virtual smiles, handshakes and hugs. Each one more special than the last.

Thank you everybody. 

 John Cleese shares the love             Ellie Goulding rocks!

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  • Comment Link Michelle o Reilly Thursday, 30 July 2015 10:20 posted by Michelle o Reilly

    Big fan of John Cleese, will have to try those crackers.

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