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10 Essential Tools for Home Baking Featured

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So, what do you really need to have a well-equipped kitchen ready for whenever the mood to bake strikes you? Aside from a good oven and a strong pair of hands there’s only a few essential tools you need.

1. Scales

Cooking is an art, baking is a science! There’s a whole lot of truth in that saying which is why scales are a must to make sure you are following the recipe’s instructions and balancing the quantities correctly. For even more accuracy get yourself some digital scales.

2. A fine sieve

Keep the lumps and bumps out of your baking creations with a fine sieve for flour, icing sugar, baking powder, and more.

3. Cooling racks

Despite the obvious temptation to tuck right in, cooling time is always necessary when you’ve finished a bake. Cooling racks allow the heat to escape from all parts of the cake, cookie or loaf so they are ready to slice and eat sooner. It’s always handy to have more than one so that you can use them either side of a cake to flip it without any breakage!

4. Spatulas

Don’t waste a smidge of delicious cake batter by using any old spoon. Flexible spatulas can lift food off rounded surfaces easily so you don’t leave any cake mix behind. Heatproof silicon is a great option and make sure the handle is nice and sturdy for those thicker batters or doughs.

5. Icing spatula

An offset icing spatula is perfect for easily smoothing icing on your cakes to get a more professional look. Plus use this handy kitchen tool to help loosen and ease stubborn cakes out of their tins.

6. Rolling pin

For rolling out mixture for cutting, layering or shaping, invest in a large wooden rolling pin with tapered ends for easy gripping. And if you don’t have a flat surface (such as if your kitchen surface is tiled) get a large flat board to work on too.

7. Cake and loaf tins

There’s nothing worse than getting half way through a cake recipe and realising you don’t have the right size cake tin. Actually, there is something worse – baking with the wrong sized tin and it all going wrong! The most common cake tin sizes in the UK and Ireland are:

·        20cm diameter cake tin

·        23cm diameter cake tin

·        1lb & 2lb loaf tins

·        cupcake tin

·        baking tin

8. Mixing/pouring bowls

A large ceramic pouring bowl for batter keeps the drips away and removes the need for a ladle (it would just be another thing to add to the washing up pile after all). You’ll want a few large Pyrex, plastic or metal mixing bowls so that you don’t need to continually wash up during your baking session.

9. Whisk

A handheld balloon whisk will aerate your cake batter to add volume and mix the ingredients thoroughly as well as give your upper body a workout! Electric whisks don’t cost too much and will give your arms a break when trying to create those “stiff peaks”.

10. Stand mixer

Now this isn’t necessarily an ‘essential’ but we couldn’t miss it off the list. For many home bakers, the stand mixer is number one on their most desired kitchen gadget. However a stand mixer really is an investment piece with a hefty price tag (a KitchenAid standing mixer will set you back between €500-600) but what it will do is speed up your mixing and kneading as well as looking great on the kitchen counter.

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