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Cookie Shots: your flavour ideas Featured

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We have had a great response to our shout out for helping to choose our new addition to the Cookie Shot family. Lots of variety in there from fruity and nutty, to caramel and spicy, as well as a few strange ones. Re: the gin & tonic suggestion – better drank than eaten I think!

Lots of chocolatey ideas; but to stay with a vegan theme, as there are so many of you dairy and/or egg free as well – white chocolate is off the table. Unfortunately, we are also a peanut-free bakery, and while I personally LOVE peanut butter that won’t make the shortlist either.

We had a couple of votes for red velvet. Essentially red velvet is a chocolate mix with bucket loads of red colouring. I made a red velvet cake at my sons request for a birthday. It took a whole small bottle of colouring. Never again… Sorry guys on that one.


There was also a huge vote for something spicy, from snickerdoodle to ginger to pumpkin spice. Yum Yum Yum.

With chocolate topping the list, and caramel tones coming a close second, those two are currently merging in my brain so that I can almost taste the result. Don’t you think the work caramel is so evocative?

And finally, as the cookies are so small (only 4g) trying to fit in some inclusions might prove a challenge. I’m not sure if I can manage a cookie with potentially only 2g of cookie and 2g of fruit or nut pieces. Plenty of cookie for thought though. Time to get a trialling.

What’s next

I will work up some first recipes, and run a bake test. Sometimes it takes a few goes before we would be happy with the result. Sometimes despite my best efforts, a new flavour proves too difficult (I’m thinking of the ones that have ‘bits’ in).

After first recipes, we refine and move to second, third and often fourth/fifth bake tests. Perfection is not always easy... but so worth it.

When I have samples that I am happy to share (no point embarrassing myself!) we’ll send them out for some of you to try. Take the feedback, and then refine the product if needed, and/or refine the samples to the most popular at that point.

After we have a green light, packaging has to be organised, and then it’s time to try to get them into the stores!

Siobhan X

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