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Gluten-Free on the Go

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Whether you’re new to the gluten-free lifestyle or an old-hand, here’s our best tips for always being prepared – and never being hungry – when you’re out and about.

Dips and veggies

Prepare portions of baby cherry tomatoes, carrot, cucumber and celery sticks for an all-round healthy snack.  Add hummus for dipping to help keep you stay feeling fuller for longer. Make use of the smallest boxes from your tupperware set so your vegetable snacks can be easily slipped into a bag and preventing any squishing. Pre-prepared and kept sealed and refrigerated they should last for several days, ready for you to grab before you head out somewhere in a hurry.


Dried fruit & nuts

Re-sealable boxes or bags of dried fruit and nuts are another healthy and energy-filled snack you can store at work or in your bag for on-the-move snacking. Try a combination of:

·        Dried cranberries

·        Raisins or sultanas

·        Pumpkin seeds

·        Sunflower seeds

·        Cashew nuts

·        Walnuts

·        Almonds

Buying big bags of these and mixing and matching as you like can be a really cost-effective way of creating a cupboard-full of snacking material. Nuts are packed full of protein, essential fats and fibre as well as other nutrients and dried fruit will give you a sugar injection if you’re feeling the mid-morning or afternoon slump.



Gluten-Free Sodabread Toasts

Munched on their own or with homemade or shop-bought toppings, these gluten-free sodabread toasts are a really versatile savoury gluten-free snack. Try topping your toasts with avocado, hard or soft cheeses or with your favourite dip of choice for gluten-free deliciousness on the go.



Not just for breakfast, dry granola is a great snack all day. It has the advantage of not taking up much space and the inclusion of dried fruit, nuts and seeds are a great source of energy.


Something sweet

Sometimes you just want something sweet to snack on. There’s lots of gluten-free bars and cakes out there that you can buy and stock up on which are already in handy wrapped individual portions. Re-sealable packs are even better for grazing throughout the day, like our Flapjack mini-bites and Cookie Shots.



There are quite a few crisp brands including many of the main supermarket’s own-brand crisps which have gluten-free flavours suitable for coeliacs but always check the packaging each time. The Gluten Free Student Cookbook has put together a really useful list of gluten-free crisp flavours and brands. There’s also some great Irish companies out there making certified gluten-free crisp products such as Keogh’s and O’Donnell’s.

For snack-hunting coeliacs, keep up to date on the latest food labelling terminology and rules on the Coeliac Society of Ireland’s website: https://www.coeliac-ireland.com/live-gluten-free/food-labelling/.


The Bite box

And if you want a super simple option, The Foods of Athenry’s new Bite box is a gluten-free snack pack with a bit of everything you fancy in it. It’s got all the components for a light lunch or an on-the-go snack at 338 calories, with the combined ingredients of a pot of hummus, 25g of multi-seed crackers, an orange chocolate biscuit bar, and a pack of mixed fruits and sunflower seeds. It has also got a long shelf-life, perfect for stocking up at home.



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