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We are proud to be associated with this 'Best of Irish' good food community from 2006 through to 2013. John & Sally McKenna are tireless in scouting out all that's great about Irish Food and as far as we are concerned - are very perceptive in their understanding of what makes us tick!

Awards & Testimonials


Foods of Athenry Awards

  • John & Sally McKenna Good Food Guide 2006-2013
  • Georgina Campbells Ireland Guide 2013
  • Irish Food Awards (Blás na hÉireann) 2008-2013 
  • 15 times prize winner
  • Great Taste Awards 2009-2013  
  • 18 times Gold medals
  • Good food Ireland 
  • Producer of the Year 2013

We closed for 4 months to regroup, recover and rebuild. We count ourselves blessed  with all the support & goodwill received from friends, family, fellow business owners, customers & retailers. There was a lot of help around in the following weeks - cleaning, sorting, separating.

If it's a case of  'man makes plans, God laughs'  - then the 29th June 2011 was a rib tickler..

We planted an orchard of native Irish apple trees back in 2008 in conjunction with "Irish Seed Savers".




After extensive bake and taste tests (!)  we decided  on the ones we felt had the best flavour and pulped down well within the pie. The most popular varieties on the taste test included ‘Cavan Rose’, ‘Cavan Strawberry’ , ‘Lady Sudley’ and as above 'Loughtree of Wexford'. 

Irish Seed Savers Association exists as a living testimony to the richness and wealth of the agricultural legacy of our ancestors. Check them out on www.irishseedsavers.ie and become a supporter.

As part of our ongoing commitment to wholesome healthy local products and to aid in the pollination of the new orchards, Bees became the newest addition to the Lawless family the Summer of 2008!

Siobhan attended a weeklong residential beekeeping course in Gormanstown College, Co . Meath and came home with her preliminary Beekeepers Certificate. This course is an annual event run by FIBKA (Federation of Irish Bee Keepers Association) and is an amazing place to meet many wonderful people who are so passionate about the art of beekeeping and are generous in their sharing of knowledge to keep this age old craft alive.

For more information check out www.irishbeekeeping.ie

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