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Friday, 21 July 2017 13:27

Family of gourmet gluten-free toasts comes to Waitrose

The highly acclaimed range of gourmet sodabread toasts from the family-run Irish bakery The Foods of Athenry is now being stocked in up to 190 Waitrose stores across the UK.

Following the success of the Multiseed and the Honeyed Almond and Rosemary toasts which have been stocked in Waitrose since summer 2015, the two favourites will now be joined by the spicy Multiseed with Cumin and the fruity Cranberry and Hazelnut in more than 60 of the premium supermarkets stores.

Twice baked for a satisfying crunch, the sodabread toasts use only premium ingredients and contain no preservatives, additives or hydrogenated fats. Served with cheese, your favourite dip, or simply by themselves, these toasts are packed with flavour.

The toasts which have won multiple awards for taste, are wheat free and suitable for those following a gluten free diet. Find them in the Free From aisle.

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