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New Cookie Shots - Part 2 Reviews are in! Featured


It always amazes us here in The Foods of Athenry how people use the Cookie Shots. If you don`t know what they are then we can tell you that they are delicious, small cookies that come in a resealable pouch. The resealable pouch is a great idea because you can take three to four cookies with your tea or coffee and close the pouch. We do admit that it takes a lot of willpower to close the pouch because the Cookie Shots are just delicious and totally moreish. Each flavour is available in the online shop right now and can be found across Ireland. 

The ideal snack even if you are watching the calories - small biscuits with only 4 calories and weigh just 18 grams with approximatley 30 in a resealable pouch. We bake six varieties, the original Brownie and Blondie Cookie Shots and we have launched 4 new varieties - Raspberry, Orange, Cinnamon and Chilli. All the Cookie Shots are #vegan # dairyfree #glutenfree  and #wheatfree. Have a look at what these Instagram influencers and Cookie Shot fans have done with the Cookie Shots.

Natural Born Feeder 

This is from Rozanna Purcell who has a huge following and who is just lots of fun with a few amazing cookbooks out there - Natural Born Feeder & Half Hour Hero. Definitley worth a follow on Instagram so check out her website and YouTube channel. Rozanna has always been a great supporter of The Foods of Athenry so here is her post from last week on the Natural Born Feeder Instagram feed. It looks amazing and we had this for breakfast yesterday so give it a try. 




Rachel Hornibrook from Dublin is creating excellent recipes. With a BSc in food marketing we love to see what she will create and it`s always worth the wait.

Worth a follow on Instagram so go try some of her recipes. This recipe is sheer indulgence so we tried it and loved the Cookie Shot on top.



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