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7 steps to claim tax back for coeliacs

Being diagnosed as a coeliac sufferer means a significant lifestyle change.

You have to be very aware of the food you are buying in supermarkets, shops, bakeries, the restaurants where you eat and be vigilant in reading lables and menus. You can always keep eating fruit and vegetables and lots of wholefoods can be glutenfree however now you have to think about everything you put on the table – because you don't want to accidentally feed your coeliac family member gluten when you're cooking family meals. 

The Silver Lining

There is a silver lining, so I thought I’d highlight the tax relief that is available but not very well known.  If you are diagnosed you can claim tax back on your health expenses for gluten-free products purchased. You can claim tax relief at 20% for expenses that relate to your illness.

We know that when you are diagnosed the first thoughts will be what can I eat now? You will more than likely be purchasing premium quality foods because your health is your wealth and what you spend on good quality food will save you from visits to the doctor. We bake a premium range range everyday here at The Foods of Athenry with clean label ingredients from the best suppliers available.

We have an award winning range of products including cereals & granolas, toasts, flapjacks, cookie shots, bars, cookies and seasonal Christmas treats which have won over 70 taste awards. Here is a link so have a look for yourself. 

You can taste the difference with premium Irish made products and that is important for your gut and your wallet.

It is well worth your while putting in in the claim to revenue. Better in your pocket than theirs!

7 steps to claim tax back for coeliacs

As we are all about making it simple for you, here’s our 7 steps to get your claim in and your tax back in your pocket!

1. When you are diagnosed the first thing you will need is a letter from your doctor, GP or consultant confirming that you are a coeliac.

2. For each and every visit to the local supermarket make certain that you keep your receipts as you will need to demonstrate to the revenue that you have actually purchased wheat free products. 

3. According to the Revenue website you can claim relief on health expenses after the year has ended in your general tax returns.

4. You should wait for your P60 statement to arrive before claiming. You must also wait for the P60 statement from your spouse or civil partner if you are jointly assessed.

5. You can only claim for expenses that you have receipts for. You can claim relief on the last four year's health expenses.

6.  Items that can be claimed include:

  • All specially made gluten-free products purchased
  • Prescription items
  • GP, Dietician and Consultant fees
  • Highlight the items on the receipt for easy tracking.
  • Not included: food purchased which are naturally gluten free.

7. Apps and loyalty cards. The revenue has an App that you can download allowing you to manage your tax affairs on the go. Each of the major supermarket chains have a loyalty card - Tesco’s Clubcard, Supervalu’s Real Rewards and Dunnes’ Value Club.  If you`ve got one of these or several then be sure to get your statement of the glutenfree products purchased. 

The Coeliac Society here in Ireland is a great help and they have written their own blog on this at this link.  They are very supportive and it is worth your while becoming a member. 



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