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Top 21 Top Gluten Free Bloggers

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 Top 21 Gluten Free Bloggers

These bloggers, authors, cooks, bakers and recipe creators are all amazing people. We`ve compiled a list with links to their sites for you so enjoy!

They are always promoting and encouraging gluten free so that anyone diagnosed as a coeliac has an easier life. The recipes are amazing and I encourage anyone out there to give them a try and follow them on social media and buy their books. 

Here is the list for you. Please share this blog with your friends & family and bookmark for reference.

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  1. Glutarama
  2. Naomi Devlin
  3. GlutenFree Ireland
  4. My Darling Lemon Thyme
  5. Gluten Free Alice
  6. Jane Devonshire
  7. Gluten  Free Cailin
  8. Way to be Gluten Free
  9. Free From Fairy
  10. Gluten Free Joy
  11. The Happy Coeliac
  12. The Gluten Free Blogger
  13. Gluten Free Mom
  14. The Positive Coeliac
  15. Claires Kitchen
  16. Feast for Freedom
  17. Coeliac Sanctuary
  18. The Coeliac Sloth
  19. Gluten Free Cup of Tea
  20. The Little Green Spoon
  21. My Gluten Free Guide



Hello, I’m Rebecca and I’m mum to two beautiful and unique children one with Type 1 Diabetes and Coeliac and the other with Autism. This blog was originally an online recipe scrapbook for my daughter, my theory was; life’s a drama, gluten free doesn’t have to be…

Today I write about everything that relates to our family, whether it’s free from recipes, reviews, autism, mental health, Type 1 Diabetes and so much more…

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Pretty much every morning I wake up, clap my hands and wonder what I might eat for breakfast.

I am a foodie, in love with the changing seasons that bring rhubarb in February, asparagus in May and plums in August, and I’m endlessly fascinated by the diverse flavours of food from around the world. I am not a trained chef and yet I have always cooked, devouring recipe books greedily as soon as I could read. From my teenage years in a rural commune, where I learnt to make great pots of spicy dal and bake show-stopping birthday cakes, to more recent holidays in Italy where the vegetables were so good they only needed a slick of olive oil to sing, cooking and eating have been at the centre of my life.

Food took on a different meaning for a while when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, becoming a source of anxiety and often disappointment; restaurants were fraught with danger, and old favourites, like crusty bread, were off the menu. I could have sulked and pined for what I was missing, but I chose instead to embrace the new challenge and celebrate the wonderful things that I could still safely and joyfully eat. I learnt about the mysterious business of what goes on in the gut, and that what I eat, how I live and my emotional state all have a profound influence on my health.

Eating is such an integral part of our lives and an opportunity for each of us to comfort, delight and nourish, that I have made it my mission to help others discover how delicious it can be to take care of your gut. Whether you come on one of my courses, read one of my books or just pick up a few tips from this website, I wish you good health and a happy belly!



The largest local Coeliac Friendly database of venues with a custom built advanced search engine available via our website, mobile website, website app and Facebook page for anyone to install on their own website, blog or Facebook page, completely free. 

Gluten Free Ireland gives you the opportunity to plan your meals wherever you are in Ireland. Whether you're looking for a hotel for the week or a restaurant for the evening, Gluten Free Ireland is the directory that will help you plan ahead. Every destination is listed because it offers a Gluten Free option ranging from individually wrapped biscuits to a full Gluten Free menu with staff trained in coeliac food preparation and storage.

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When you first start eating gluten or dairy-free… or both, things definitely seem a little overwhelming (understatement of the year!). All that you used to eat seems to be now off-limits. I know, I’ve been there.

I spent the first month or so feeling as if I couldn’t eat anything, let alone enjoy it. But slowly slowly as I learnt more about this way of life, reading every gluten-free book available I’ve come to the point in which I can now whole-heartily say that I prefer eating this way. I feel so much better for it, no longer do I feel so tired, my eczema is the best it’s been my entire life, my tummy no longer feels like it’s tied in knots and my never ending daily headaches that I’ve experienced for much of my adult life no longer appear with the frequency and potency that they once did.



Hi, I’m Alice, a 25 year old gluten & dairy free food blogger living in the UK.

I I found out I was Coeliac at the age of 16 after years of feeling poorly, and a few years ago also found out I was intolerant to milk! A lot of people ask me ‘What do you actually eat then?’ and this website is a way of showing exactly that!

After many years of gluten & dairy free baking and sussing out the best Free From products, restaurants and supermarkets I feel it’s only fair to share all of my tips with you.

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"I come from a family of cooks, my nanny Pearce was a wonderful cook who baked beautiful cakes and dishes.

My mum is a fabulous cook of really good traditional food and my dad, who has always worked in food sales, would go to the markets and bring home different and interesting foods. My brother Colin and I share a great passion for food. 



I’m Donna and I was diagnosed as a coeliac five years ago. I am married to Mos who is very supportive about 80% of the time and spends the rest of it ploughing through pints of Guinness and pizza.

I started this blog as I know how frustrating it is trying to find places to eat, recipes to use and shops to find gluten free items in. Someone asked me recently where I did my food shopping as a coeliac, I think my answer (everywhere!) sums up my reason for wanting to put my experiences online where they might be useful to someone else.

I love talking in general but in particular about gluten free living so please feel free to drop me a line.

We live in Dublin, Ireland.

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Hi my name is Desi. I am so excited to share with you all things gluten free. I became gluten free over 3 years ago.

When I set out to find out how to go gluten free, there were so much information out on the internet that I found it so overwhelming. I at least had a friend I could turn to who had celiac disease and could answer questions when they arose.

One of the first changes that I noticed was that I felt nauseous a lot of the time. She told me that was an indication that my gut was beginning to heal. Seriously who would have thought! I also found it very difficult to navigate grocery shopping. There were spices, preservatives and so many other things that had gluten in it, that I didn’t even realize it. I had to go through my spice cabinet, find all the spices, or spice mixes that had gluten in them and through them out.#



Hi. I'm Vicki Montague, scientist and mum to 'Roo' (11) and 'Sunshine' (9).

I'm a freelance recipe developer specialising in 'free from' food and spend many hours in my kitchen experimenting to create exciting healthy recipes that are all gluten-free & mainly dairy-free. In July 2016 I launched the world's first wholegrain, gluten-free and rice-free flour blends. In May 2018 I launched my first online programme to help people adapt to a gluten free life. I can be found at food festivals giving cookery demos and I love nothing more than teaching people how to cook and lead a positive wholesome life.

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I have been on my gluten free journey since being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 17 years ago.

My husband and 3 adult sons have been on this journey with me, and have coped with some of the most atrocious meals we have ever eaten in our quest to find good gluten free places to eat out at together! This of course birthed my vision to connect other coeliacs and those on a gluten free diet with quality gluten free foodie experiences. We live in beautiful Queensland, Australia, in a house surrounded by gardens, which also bring me joy. I am addicted to travel and pursue my quest for gluten free joy around the world as much as I can, which is not anywhere near often enough. I look forward to connecting with you and hope I can help to bring a little more gluten free joy to your world. Jane xx



I’m Samantha and I run The Happy Coeliac! I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2011, and soon after I started blogging to help get me through what was a difficult transition for me, both mentally and physically.

Although I have always loved baking , I was a very fussy eater as a child. In my late teens and early twenties my palate drastically changed and I became interested in all sorts of foods I’d previously spurned. Of course, the irony being that once I was diagnosed with coeliac disease my diet became restricted once more.

Nowadays I love coming up with new gluten-free recipes, visiting restaurants with gluten-free options and trying out the latest products.



Hello and welcome to The Gluten Free Blogger! I’m Sarah, a journalist, blogger, vlogger, digital specialist and Professional Gluten Free Pizza Tester – well, in my dreams, anyway – who has coeliac disease. I live near the sea in sunny North Devon, UK, drink way too much coffee, eat way too much pizza and am passionate about making gluten free living FUN.

I hope by visiting my lovely little blog you’ll pick up on the fun side pretty quickly. I LOVE food (it’s all I think about) and I genuinely think that having coeliac disease is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

It’s helped me find a passion for creating new dishes and trying new flavours. I get way too excited and dance in the free from aisles when I find new gluten free products. And I really want to spread this excitement and prove that a gluten free diet doesn’t have to be boring at all.



My blog is simply about Life, Gluten Free.

It includes everything from some of our favorite Gluten Free products and recipes, to talking about raising a Gluten Free Family.



In September 2017 I went gluten free and it was the start of a positive change in my life.

It took a while to see the benefits of no gluten entering my body. I did gain a stone in a year and I did have the odd weak moment, mince pies at christmas, normal chinese food for the first few weeks, but I soon got the hang of it. I discovered a huge support network online that has made coeliac disease manageable and not as difficult as it would probably have been years ago.

In 2017 my health prospered I began to feel normal again both mentally and physically.



So I am Claire, behind Claire’s Kitchen.  I love everything around food, always have, but generally good food as opposed to junk! (Junk food, it’s kind of a pet hate) I Generally love healthy food, I love the way food can benefit our bodies, change the way we feel, change our mood and our emotions.

I’ve discovered this for myself.  I am gluten free. We have coeliac disease in our family, my mum and my nan are both coeliac, however luckily for me I’m not.  I cannot tolerate wheat and gluten, however i can tolerate small doses of spelt and rye for a couple of servings, which is great as I love cooking with spelt! My children are dairy free too. Although my son is growing out it, it still impacts him and he has to limit the amount he has and he can’t tolerate milk or cheese.

I also suffer from terrible migraines if I don’t keep it in check, and diet plays a huge part in this, so I eat a very strict very diet with no chocolate,  cheese, msg, colours, aspartame and very little alcohol to name but a few. Hence my diet is probably very healthy and natural and I am always finding news ways to adapt and cook, so allergy cooking comes as second nature to me I suppose. My step daughter also has an allergy to some fruit and veg! So you can imagine what we are like to feed!!  I also do cook with wheat and gluten for the rest of the family and for customers so you will find a real mixture of recipes here on this site.



About 15 years ago, I rid myself first of migraine headaches, then of terrible digestive problems by cleaning up my diet, then by going gluten free.

My goal now is to help others with the same problems and master the gluten free, whole food diet. I want you to have the tools to take back control of your life. Welcome!



Coeliac Sanctuary started life in June 2014, initially it was going to be just a kind of document for Alison, Coeliac Sanctuary's founder, to add places to eat and keep note of places eaten at as a kind of diary to remember what restaurants had been like, but being a web designer and struggling with the job she was in at the time she decided to make a website to both increase her knowledge and make a resource to refer to when eating out.

At the time she came up with the idea for the site, she didn't know what it was going to be called, playing around with Coeliac Asylum to start with. The idea revolved around the fact she thought she was going crazy when doctors couldn't find any cause for abdominal pains and anxiety, she thought the website would take a black, grey and orange colour scheme to play on the dark side of being undiagnosed.

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My name is Georgina, and I follow a gluten free diet. I got diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2015, and since then have followed a gluten free diet, and lived through the experience of making that transition. I set up this blog because I really love making gluten free food, especially baking, and my friends wanted the recipes.

I also set this blog up because I wanted to connect with other people who are gluten free, share my experiences, and discover new gluten free products.

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 GlutenFreeCupoftea Becky Excell

Hi there, I’m Becky! I’m 27 years old and a London-based gluten free recipe creator, photographer, freelance writer and vlogger.

I’m half South-African, I love dogs way too much and I absolutely adore baking!
I’m passionate about food and all things gluten free, dairy free and I follow a low FODMAP diet. I love sharing my free from recipes, vlogs and travel guides whilst sharing exciting new products and places to eat here on the blog. I even won a few blog awards in the last year or so – woo!

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This website is a collection of my favourite recipes to help inspire you to cook more, feel good and enjoy every bite. I think food should always be exciting, creative and delicious and my recipes are all about celebrating plant based foods. They’re created to be easy, simple and, most of the time, really quick. There’s a new recipe added here every Monday and I hope you find them useful and inspiring and that you love cooking and eating them as much as I love sharing them.

You can also find all of these recipes, and loads of extra ones, on our iOS app. You can create shopping lists, save your favourites and it’s updated every month with loads of exclusive recipes so that you’re never short of ideas.  

x Indy

Indy loves The Foods of Athenry...who could blame her:)



Welcome to My Gluten Free Guide! Covering London, the UK and beyond, on you will find everything you need to know about being gluten free and living successfully as a coeliac. It can be a daunting prospect when you are first diagnosed with coeliac disease (read about my coeliac disease diagnosis to learn more), but I promise it is totally manageable. Since my diagnosis 20 years ago, I have had to follow a strict gluten free diet and I have LOTS of tips to share.

Explore this site to discover more. From gluten free recipes and product reviews to UK gluten free city guides and gluten free travel guides, I want to show that gluten free is easy once you get the hang of it.

For gluten free London recommendations, check out my instagram account or have a read of my bumper gluten free London guides (all coeliac friendly).

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