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Vegan Gluten Free Blood Orange Polenta Cake

Vegan Gluten Free Blood Orange Polenta Cake

Vegan, Gluten Free Blood orange & Polenta cake

This is a wet cake or as I prefer to call it - a finger licking good cake. I also use flax seeds as they are a great replacement for eggs, so good in my opinion that a non-vegan would be hard pushed to notice the difference. Let me know how you get on and remember the rule is there are no rules so experiment and make to your own tastes.

  • Time: 15-20 mins preparation
  • Complexity: medium
  • Origin: Gluten free

Vegan Pancakes

Pancake Tuesday. What a day! There were literally pancakes everywhere in all shapes, sizes and varieties but mine are the best because they just are:). In an interesting aside, someone posted online that Pancake Tuesday should be made into a Bank Holiday and I couldn`t agree more.

Get the petition going.

Bank Holidays aside, here is our vegan pancake recipe for you. As I posted this recipe the other night I was pancaking, squeezing lemon and pouring on the sugar and then eating them at the same time so it took a while to get the post out onto social media. They are finger licking good.

Really delicious with some lemon 🍋 orange 🍊and agave syrup. Here is the recipe for you and it takes five minutes to mix. 

Tip1 : have some laughs. Make some memories and flip a few

  • Time: 5-10 minutes
  • Complexity: very easy
  • Origin: Vegan

Victoria Sponge Cake

Victoria Sponge Cake

I know you will agree that a gluten free Victoria Sponge cake is a gorgeous and delicious treat. We hope you enjoy baking the cake as much as we did and share it with the ones you love. Send us some images and let us know how you get on with it even if your first attempt is not a complete masterpeice. I can tell you that my first attempt was not pretty, tasty yes and it was brilliant fun. Recipe courtesy of Coeliac UK. 

recipe images to


  • Time: 20-25 minutes
  • Complexity: easy
  • Origin: Gluten free
Vegetable Soup with Almond and Rosemary Toasts

Vegetable Soup with Almond and Rosemary Toasts

You can’t beat a good bowl of hearty homemade vegetable soup, especially when the weather is cold. Great to bring to work – it’s filling , sustaining and good for weight loss (so long as you are not hitting the biscuit tin afterwards!).

And it’s the best way I know of getting vegetables into fussy little eaters. You should whizz to whatever consistency suits your needs best - from very lumpy to very smooth. For many years, we did a canteen at a local school and made vegetable soup every day. Many’s the young adult asked about lump level, and we almost never deviated from smooth soups.

Feel free to play with the vegetable ingredients as varying them up will alter the  sweetness and colour. As a grown up , we may appreciate the benefits of cabbage soup. Little people less so.  Pretty coloured vegetables make for pretty soup.

In this recipe, the potato is the thickener. But if you are allergic or want to avoid them for whatever reason – add in a tin of rinsed chick peas or haricot beans at the end. When you whizz the soup up, these will also  give a very nice consistency. 

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