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The Best Soda Bread ever...

The Best Soda Bread ever...

.. my life in cakes..  SODABREAD

  " My mother used to bake sodabread. Sometimes it had a very greenish hue. I thought it was cool - turns out, thats because of more bread soda in the recipe than the quantity of flour required. Who knew about the science!

After I married Paul; as a good farmers wife I baked bread all the time and as the legions of Irish wives before me - developed my signature sodabread.  He used to call them BROWN CAKES, as his mother always did. I thought it was strange but I let it slide. There were more important changes to be made to the man I intended to spend the rest of my life with .. ! "

Here is my  'from scratch' sodabread recipe. Own it, enjoy it, make it yours.  

  • Complexity: medium

Brown Bread Ice Cream

Brown Bread Ice Cream

.. my life in cakes.. - BROWN BREAD ICECREAM

"Waste is never a good thing. In our house, nothing went to waste. What we didn't use ourselves went to the chickens. If you have some leftover brown sodabread and you dont want to waste it and you dont have any chickens ... !  -  try this recipe for Brown Bread Ice Cream.

Speaking of chickens reminds me of a day many years ago pregnant with our first child. I had gone into labour and not wanting to make a fuss, waved Paul off to make silage while I potterered about. Pauls mother had just got some baby chickens and needed to put a heat lamp over them. I offered to help so crawled into a tiny space with the baby chicks to settle them in and hang the lamp. Reversing  out while having contractions was not as easy a job as I had previously thought!

In case you wondered how that story finished  - I 'pottered' for a while longer until I became desperate enough to drive up the road to locate my farmer husband who asked ...surprise..surprise... if I could 'hang on' for another hour as he was nearly finished. He was lucky to be left alive. Aisling arrived, beautiful and loud - a short while later. The best day ever.

Enjoy the ice cream.

  • Complexity: easy

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