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Vegetable Soup with Almond and Rosemary Toasts

Vegetable Soup with Almond and Rosemary Toasts

You can’t beat a good bowl of hearty homemade vegetable soup, especially when the weather is cold. Great to bring to work – it’s filling , sustaining and good for weight loss (so long as you are not hitting the biscuit tin afterwards!).

And it’s the best way I know of getting vegetables into fussy little eaters. You should whizz to whatever consistency suits your needs best - from very lumpy to very smooth. For many years, we did a canteen at a local school and made vegetable soup every day. Many’s the young adult asked about lump level, and we almost never deviated from smooth soups.

Feel free to play with the vegetable ingredients as varying them up will alter the  sweetness and colour. As a grown up , we may appreciate the benefits of cabbage soup. Little people less so.  Pretty coloured vegetables make for pretty soup.

In this recipe, the potato is the thickener. But if you are allergic or want to avoid them for whatever reason – add in a tin of rinsed chick peas or haricot beans at the end. When you whizz the soup up, these will also  give a very nice consistency. 

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